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Greet 80 hind marry height, marriage celebrate market portfolio to soar

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Yesterday, building of a shadow greeted group of initiative marriage gauze photography to buy a team, issue sheet at a draught nearly 10 pairs. "The word of plan marriage wants to prepare rapidly, to moment not be yourself decides a day, see public house discharges schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater. " the little sister that be close friends is transmitting this kind of information each other.

Marriage celebrate the market portfolio soars

Although just began 2 months 2008, but always

New personality gathers together should marry, the marriage of Hangzhou celebrates market portfolio as appear to grow considerably. Each big picture building was rolled out when the Valentine's Day " inviting " formula privilege, attracted the sheet below large quantities of guests to make an appointment, still have the accurate newlywed person that connects particular wedding day not less to had been not decided good among them. In light of the feedback message of the shadow building such as spring of Cong Jiali, Paris, this year first of two months receive take an amount relatively in former years broke up one times much, rain of new black bamboo osmund wait for wedding to engineer an orgnaization to also be forecasted " portfolio at least should increase 50% " .

Hotel " auspicious day " be booked early

Feast is regarded the most important one link in marriage, the nature of hotel marriage banquet this year is popular very. As we have learned, of hall of wedding breakfast of hotel of class of a few stars " auspicious day " archives is in early had been made an appointment last year one sky, mixed in May especially met in October the holiday of even numbers, double rest day of basic already be exhausted. "Fortunately somebody postponed wedding day, our as it happens is crowded go in, return so that carry a day afresh otherwise. " Miss Wang him speak bluntly that should become a bride in May is lucky. And young lady of the Song Dynasty abandoned high-grade hotel simply, convert medium-sized meal store, ask about the odd schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater of fine public house first, carry a wedding day from which again, "Present marriage banquet is too popular, consideration marriage day asks the hotel is had first even empty. "

The meal inn of the astral class hotel of downtown, hotel of west lake edge, downtown... Miss Zhao and boy friend " investigate " after circuit, the hotel that discovers downtown is too crowded, can surround outside only migratory, but under chose city north intermediate hotel. "Began to was booked with respect to somebody of land add add last year, still ordered even this year of the end of the year! " dest clerk of department of meal of big public house of Hangzhou red building tells a reporter. As we have learned, afraid marriage cost can follow price " when the river rises the boat goes up too " a also be the sheet below new personality in advance main reason. Compare last year, every desk feast appeared this year 300-800 yuan of different level rise in price, with 30 desks marriage banquet is exemple, mean new personality to need much defray at least nearly 10 thousand yuan.
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