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Marriage gauze bar, the city zone rolls out Beijing on the west 7 characteristic

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This morning, reporter from bureau of business affairs of the city zone learns on the west, to this year May, the inclined market of small-bowled long-stemmed pipe that investment transforms several yuan will be overall complete. So far, the city zone was rolled out in the round on the west include public house of marriage gauze, meal, bar, fastfood, musical instrument, folk-custom, tea art inside 7 characteristic business street.

According to Wang Xin of director of bureau of business affairs of the city zone introduces on the west, in recent years commercial scale of the city zone is strengthened ceaselessly on the west, commerce always does business the area is close 1.6 million square metre. Current, the commercial establishment that the city has 10 thousand meters of above on the west 32, business area amounts to 750 thousand square metre. This year, on the west the city zone besides Xidan this city class outside mart, return compose to build 7 characteristic business street. They are respectively:

Musical instrument of new market opening characteristic street

The ave austral new market opening protects a country temple crossing arrives before public crossing, two side assemble wears many meters 500 long way musical instrument of nation of 64 management West, China and to it relevant sound resembles a shop, become Beijing to run musical instrument variety the professional trader market with most, most shop.

27 theaters road meal market

Be located in the 27 theaters road of area of 3 lis of rivers, be not worth a sector of an area of kilometre, gather together restaurant of wine shop of National People's Congress of king of gules triumphant arch, fragile fish, person, Dong Laishun, old sincere hill resides bright phearl of water of one boiler, Hunan, Tian Bo wait for 20 meal inn.

The temple that protect a country fastfood street

The breed with the fastfood temple that protect a country amounts to more than 100, bowel of frost of the New Year cake, clyster, sheep that boil, gather up cake, bean jelly, explode soup of abdomen, tea have everything that one expects to find. Inside information of solid Beijing flavour culture laid the foundation of humanitarian, society and consumption for fastfood characteristic street. With protecting a country temple snack bar is admiral, this street already collected the snack bar such as Beijing, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Chengdu, Shaanxi 16.

Folk-custom of inclined street of small-bowled long-stemmed pipe commodity market

The ground rises to install door ave east, the inclined market of small-bowled long-stemmed pipe that gravelstone tablet alley reachs on the west is 300 meters long, all through the ages of full-bodied folk-custom commerce breath is it " fascia " . Storefront of 62 of primitive simplicity, foil gives old marketplace culture, tea service, smoking set, lantern, kite, paper-cut is not had is not important folk-custom commerce resource.

Street of bar of Jin Shujie meal

Serve the important composition of establishment as form a complete set of financial market meal, jin Shujie signs the client that is stationed in intent to basically include emerald meal, Su Zhe to collect at present, surely win guest, old abandon cafes, Mediterranean dining-room to wait.
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