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Marry flourishing year marriage celebrate consumption to have muddy water, very

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Marriage gauze photographs, slaughter a guest by hind move marriage celebrate chair, go up temporarily the knife

2008 is one marries flourishing year, "80 hind " it is the mainstream, sign up for today remind here, search marriage celebrate you to be able to be gotten how long a few heart.

Marriage gauze shadow building " square accounts after the autumn harvest-wait until after a political movement is over to settle accounts with the leadership or the masses "

Big event: It is 80 Mr Wang gentlemen after and Miss Liu together, restful last year night, in in gauze of a marriage photographs near the street inn, choosing a 1399 yuan marriage gauze indulgence to cover is. Mr Wang says: "The young lady of shadow building says at that time, hand in entire section to be able to get more privilege, we also feel very appropriate, one-time paid total money, had decided took a picture in the past one week later. " take a picture that day, what Mr Wang discovered shadow building however is not little " feline be bored with " .

"When I and girlfriend choose formal attire, the staff member recommends more luxurious dress to us to the utmost, but wear should spend 500 yuan. And she advocates every cover formal attire to choose to increase fund, when we want to choose the formal attire of free area, she tells us again, those free formal attire are patted very ugly, it is antiquated, if film the result is bad, responsibility is absent they. " not only such, make up " bring bottle " , tire flower is to should increase fund, and money is returned prepaidly. The chaos that faces shadow building collects fees and abominable attitude of attending to guests, mr Wang raised the requirement of countermand, refund.

Have a background greatly: Market of building of marriage gauze shadow is malign now competition is ceaseless, wear than move, contest privilege, dozen fold, profit space already fell lowest. How to do? Changing does law ground invite customer " consume 2 times " or does the setting consume trap? The beforehand acceptance that faces shadow building provides such and such free service, before take a picture, consumer must reach written agreement with respect to each rate with shadow building, once forcibly collection other charge, consumer can depend on credential to complain.

Marriage celebrate company " have a blurred vision "

Big event: Speak of the bridal emcee that oneself had asked, liu is born with to shake his head continuously first. He what was born 1980, it is 3 classics street the employee of an ad firm. Because Mr Liu and girlfriend are poineering gens together, belonging to their illicit to have a space so is very nervous. Young husband and wife two work very " flat " , saw a marriage celebrate a company only, placed.

And what absolutely of gentleman letting Liu did not think of is, marry that day, after new personality reachs a public house, marriage celebrate a company to just inform them, booked emcee is occupied cannot come, changed temporarily new. This message, invite young couple two immediately Jing gave a suit cold sweat. To communicate a few keys of celebration afresh with newcome emcee, mr Liu couple was obliged to defer celebration 20 minutes.
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