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Happy industry, inn of formal attire of perfect and bridal ecbolic bridegroom

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"The theme is bridal " , " individual character is bridal " be 80 hind people love most

To make perfect wedding, new people seeks advice repeatedly

Beautiful marriage gauze is the important element of fashionable wedding

2008 it is an Olympic Games year, it bore the weight of the joyance of all Chinese and blessing, in making compatriots heart " lucky year " . Countless sweet lovers hope to be in one year this " pull a hand " , from purchase shoe of marriage garment marriage, arrive to be engaged beforehand banquet, decorate room of marriage car marriage, powwow, youth " gather together " the hall that enters marriage. And marry the businessmen that all sorts of services provide on industrial catenary also distinguish oneself, busying happily -- ,

Marriage celebrate gather together agitate is hot"One-stop service "

Current, with marriage celebrate relevant industrial catenary to already reached 40 many kind in the our city, serve from banquet of marriage of bridal marriage gauze, go vacationing to travel, decorate to estate and building again. Before every greet one second marriage to celebrate fastigium to be able to be marriage celebrate service industry catenary to bring tremendous business chance. Not exceptional also this year, new people is driven in the Olympic Games year gather together marry, for marriage celebrate market infuse new vitality. This not, the Wang Li that just does poineering work one year, riveting full strength, should celebrate in the marriage this year absorption, make one-stop service.

"My fast did not close a key point 3 days, too tired! " the black rim of the eye that Wang Li is feeling him says, "You see that one lot, it is ability from ' marriage rich is met ' on conclude the marriage yarn that come back, meet too still a pair of new personality want to choose order, the time that rests a bit is done not have! " marriage of beautiful predestined relationship celebrates service company to do poineering work from last year now, storefront had enlarged 3, and assign oneself professional work from pure assembly room expanded marriage celebrate photography, chair car of emcee, marriage to rent, be fond of a monopolistic, marriage to celebrate the service with all-around many sided such as travel.

"On May 3, on May 10, on August 8, september 7 is the popular day that married 2008, we choose a day marriage from which, but during order a public house, anthology each matters concerned such as marriage car is very trival, found appropriate public house occasionally, order no less than satisfactory compere again, want to hold to the queen's taste bridal, really arduous still bother. We want to search ' bassoon thing ' , contract to do a job all things come down, arrange Tuo Tie. " in interviewing, as it happens has a pair of new personality to come to Wang Li's company advisory marriage celebrates matters concerned, the preparation that speaks of wedding works, they give out such deep feeling.
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